About us

Wing Yue Development Limited has been established in Hong Kong since 2001 and has our own manufacturing unit in China. With solid experiences in the weaving industry, we are specialized in designing and producing all sorts of polyester knitted straps, ropes, labels and packaging. Our products are diversified from product parts, such as for garment, handbags, toys, electronic products, printing materials and shoes; to stand along products, such as jacquard webbing, cord, belts, head straps, neck straps, elastic ropes, jumping rope and pet ropes, net and etc. All products are tailor-made to best fit with customers’ needs and purposes of use. Professional logo printing services are provided for bespoke service as well.

Having supplied the weaving services to both oversea and local customers for years, it is guaranteed our products are strictly managed and up to ISO standard. Abundant of products are unlisted, for more information, you are welcomed to contact us at

Tel : (852) 2639 2101 or by email: info@wing-yue.com